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3 Career Moments that Matter from Salesforce's Woman of the Month
Have you ever had a moment in your career that changed everything? Maybe it was a certain meeting, a big win, a devastating loss. These defining moments can change our trajectory, transform our attitude, and help us work smarter and feel happier. Eileen O’Mara has had several of these “aha!”...

Onboarding’s Impact on Sales Productivity
Sales forces effective at onboarding – that is, getting new-hire salespeople up-to-speed – enjoy surprising productivity advantages over their peers. Our recently concluded onboarding research shows these firms have 10% greater sales growth rates, and 14% better sales and profit objective achievement. But onboarding programs are not consistently practiced, and...

The Godfather of Insight Selling – An Interview with Geoffrey Moore
Everyone in technology knows of Geoffrey Moore as the author of “Crossing the Chasm.” His book has sold over 1 million copies, and crossing the chasm has become a metaphor that is universally used by companies with complex products to explain why they struggle to sell to the mainstream market....

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