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Score More "Touchdowns" With the Super Bowl Method
By studying the game of football, you can learn a lot about how to set and achieve goals and spend your time more productively. What does time management have to do with Super Bowl football? Everything! Football pros competing in the Super Bowl use great goal-setting techniques. By studying the...

Keeping Sensitive Data Safe in the Cloud: App Mavericks
At ShellBlack.com, we help companies maximize their CRM investment by providing elegant Salesforce solutions that facilitate how they market, sell, and support their customers. We often run into projects where our customers have extremely sensitive data that they are apprehensive about hosting in the cloud. So when offered the opportunity...

Time is Currency: Are You Losing or Making Money?
I admit that I have a freakish fascination with time. I’m always trying to figure out how to optimize tasks — especially recurring tasks. Being sensitive to my own use of time has given me a deeper appreciation for other people’s time. It’s a respect thing. Time is valuable and...

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