We address privacy for companies in every industry.

In many jurisdictions, some industries, such as healthcare and financial services, are more closely regulated than others. Salesforce enables customers to operate on a global scale — offering tools and resources to help them comply with regional, national, and local laws. For us, security and privacy is an opportunity to enhance the customer experience.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

In the US, healthcare and life sciences companies must address numerous laws and regulations that impact activities ranging from how these companies conduct their operations to how they interact with their patients and customers.

What you need to know about HIPAA

Among the most important of these laws is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), the federal healthcare law that requires particular healthcare and life sciences companies to safeguard the privacy and security of their patients’ and customers’ protected health information.

Organizations covered by HIPAA must comply with comprehensive regulations that strictly govern the collection, use, storage, and disclosure of protected health information. HIPAA also requires these companies to pass on their data protection obligations to their service providers, if they provide their service providers with protected health information.

Who Salesforce can help

Many of Salesforce’s key services for healthcare and life sciences customers include features and functionality that help our customers meet HIPAA’s stringent privacy, security, and data protection requirements. By working together, Salesforce and our customers can address the challenges of HIPAA compliance while protecting patients by safeguarding their most sensitive information — their personal health data.

The Salesforce trusted cloud make it possible for healthcare and life sciences companies to strengthen compliance and improve visibility and transparency, while allowing them to leverage the power of the world's #1 CRM. Learn more about how Salesforce helps our healthcare and life sciences customers with HIPAA compliance by visiting our Compliance website.


Financial Services

We know that our financial services customers are subject to extensive regulation. Since Salesforce was founded in 1999, we’ve built years of experience supporting financial services organizations to deploy our cloud services across all continents. Working in partnership with our customers we’ve grown our experience, and developed technologies and processes as well as building trust. With a foundation of trust, our customer base has flourished across the world. 

Salesforce’s comprehensive privacy and security program helps strengthen compliance and improve visibility and transparency. As such, the trusted Salesforce cloud allows financial services organizations to leverage the world’s #1 CRM whilst turning compliance into an opportunity to enhance their own customer experience.

To stay abreast of regulatory changes and gain alignment in the services and support that we provide, Salesforce engages and maintains relationships with financial services regulators across the globe, enabling us to develop solutions and create functionality to support our customers’ compliance journeys. Salesforce also continuously monitors the global privacy and security landscape and adapts our own program accordingly.

As a trusted partner, we can help support our financial services customers in delivering a global, dependable and connected service which will enable them to explore new opportunities. Our platform can be used by customers to assist compliance and disrupt the financial services industry, by introducing innovative customer-centric products to grow their businesses.

Learn more about Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud and see how Salesforce helps support our financial sciences customers compliance journeys by visiting our Compliance website.


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