Better data can transform your business.

Salesforce data management solutions help improve your most important sales and marketing processes.

Fuel your business with the right data.


Choose the type of data that fits your business.

Lightning Data apps are available right on the AppExchange (The Salesforce Store). Explore our community of trusted data providers and install the apps in trial mode for a free assessment.

Increase sales rep productivity.

Focus on the right target at the right time with data that’s specific to your business. Give reps additional information for have more relevant and impactful conversations. Empower them to spend their time selling instead of researching.

Discover data-driven insights.

Intelligently segment and identify white space with enriched customer profiles. Make business decisions based on accurate and complete data. And uncover new opportunities to grow and gain a competitive advantage with targeted information and intelligence.

Deploy instantly, update automatically.

Seamlessly integrate and update trusted third party data sources. Forget complex integrations or having the wrangle flat files. Your data is integrated and managed with clicks, not code, and updated continuously and automatically.

Update and enrich your data.


Clean your data automatically.

With Clean your Salesforce accounts, contacts and leads are automatically updated and enriched with data from trusted sources like Dun & Bradstreet and Connect.

Fill in the gaps with trusted data.

Blank or missing fields are automatically filled in for higher quality, more usable records. Leads can even get company details added in real-time for better routing, scoring and faster follow-up.

Take control of data quality.

Clean includes dashboards and reports for clear visibility into data quality. You can also attach a Clean status field to records to make sure everyone is using the best, updated data.

Do more with deep company data.

Build richer customer profiles with 100+ Dun & Bradstreet fields. Improve data-driven processes like territory planning and lead management. Unlock insights into pipeline, customers, and more.

Grow faster and sell smarter.


Prospect right inside Sales Cloud. Prospector is native in Salesforce, so data can be added quickly and easily. Search and filter to the targets, and get all the account insights you'd need, without leaving the app.

Get trusted, verified business data.

Instantly access 250M+ Dun & Bradstreet company profiles and 40M+ Connect contacts. Get current and accurate name, email, phone number, D-U-N-S® number, employee count, industry and more.

Grow pipeline fast with smarter sales reps.

Beyond enabling you to quickly connect with the right people in the right accounts, you also get the info to help reps better understand their customers. Get key call prep info with Account Insights.

Get strategic with full hierarchies.

The Company Hierarchy feature gives you a visual, interactive corporate family tree. Get a complete, 360-degree view of your accounts, uncover new opportunities, and do data-driven territory planning.

See it first hand with our interactive guided tour.

Explore all the solutions in our self-led, informational demo. Choose your own path as a Sales Rep, Sales Ops pro, or CRM Admin, and see how better data can help you get better results.